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Indie music label and distributor

Tasty Episode 1


Release Date: 23 November 2009

Format: Digital

Label: Electric Tastebuds



1 Spotlight (Original Mix)-The Wrongstars
2 Depression-Controlled Change
3 Bubba Gump-Jagged Slap
4 Headgrind-Leeroy Thornhill
5 Rock the Party-Kouncil House Vs Leeroy Thornhill
6 Take You Back-Smash HiFi
7 Jagged-Jagged Slap
8 Hacker-Kouncil House
9 Machines-Controlled Change
10 1 Man Army-Leeroy Thornhill
11 15 Hundred Dollars-Smash HiFi
12 Spotlight-Remix 601


Electric Tastebuds , the Label of Leeroy Thornhill ,Started in 2008 and based on a breaks/electro indie sound.

With the music industry going through so many changes in the last few years, the internet and the whole digital /media approach to music is different . The dependance on major record labels has declined in a major way, every day people can make and release their music, they can vary the styles of music they make and without having to answer to an A & R person.

If its good enough for you, its good enough for them - thats what it's come to.

With advances in technology and a little hard work it's now possible to create what it takes to release tracks with high production quality.

The aim of Electric Tastebuds is to bring you quality tracks, from different walks of life...Nominated for Best Breakthrough Label Breakspoll 2009.