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Release Date: 11 January 2010

Format: CD Album

Label: Side With Us Records




1. Come Back 03:54
2. Nesting 03:26
3. When You Came Through 04:25
4. Cold Rats 03:32
5. Rough Magic 03:37
6. No Dreams 04:47
7. Frozen Game 05:34
8. Lip Service 03:21
9. All Roads 03:30
10. Surface Eating Acid Bath 04:31


Worker Bee's debut album, Tangler, is what the band made it to be and whatever the listener wants it to be. This ethos has been instated since the first conception of the band came together in San Jose, California in 2006. They self-released two EPs before a building creative clarity came to a head and they penned their first full-length album released on Side With Us Records. Having previously been in other bands, they are all too accustomed to change and growth, Worker Bee being no exception to the rule. Their sound continues to evolve from one release to the next, perfecting the marriage of elaborate instrumentation, angularity and beautiful haunting noise. Tangler was recorded in the non-studio of the band's house in California and working with only eight tracks each song. Because of this intended elasticity the album never makes a home in any strict genre. No one thing has meaning and reason endowed on it in the same way twice but the attempt is the real goal.

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