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Talking With Strangers


Release Date: 10 August 2009

Format: CD Album

Label: Fixit Records



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Never Knowing 1:42
Jazzbirds 3:05
C'est La Vie 4:15
Talking With Strangers 3:23
Dreamtime 4:19
Grey October Day 6:04
Harpsong 19:19


Potted biography of me by me.

I was born in 1949 and 15 years later I joined a band. Judy and the Folkmen. That was the cool way to name a band in 1964. That lasted for several months and then stopped. 3 years later I tripped over another band, Fairport Convention, and joined them for a while. This time I made an album, 'Fairport Convention' and a single, but I had left them by the time the album was released in 1968.

Then what? Giles Giles and Fripp, McDonald and Dyble for a short while in 1969, with some recordings ('The Brondesbury Tapes') made in GG&F's flat. Then I left and so did a Giles, but McDonald stayed and Lake was added along with Sinfield and they became King Crimson.

And so I met up with Jackie McAuley and Trader Horne was born in late 1969, one album, 'Morning Way', and two singles later and I had left again before the album was properly released in 1970. Ooooops.

So a bit of messing around and getting married and a bit of singing and demo making and then we left London forever in 1973, my Simon and I, to work in record shops and libraries and begin to begin in a different branch of music, manufacturing cassettes instead of music... a family followed, a move to Oxfordshire, and more cassettes until my Simon died and then time and music stood still....while we gathered up the threads of a different existence.

The children grew and left home and by some sort of weird set of coincidences and occurrences I was swirled back into the world of making music in 2002. Three albums made with Swordfish were released in 2004 -2006, 'Enchanted Garden', 'Spindle' and 'The Whorl' and then by serendipitous extraordinaries another album is just being completed and will be released this year 2009. Talking With Strangers' is exactly what I have done What's next? Well hang on, this bit isn't finished yet....

Here was the start (well nearly)