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Sword of Fire


Release Date: 13 June 2005

Format: CD Album

Label: Riot Club



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1. Prayer With Waltz
2. Boss Boss
3. Sales Pitch
4. On My Farm
5. My Mother Germany
6. Dans Mon Coeur
7. Reality's Hear
8. Don't Play Me For A Fool
9. Funny Thing That/Who Am I Then
10. Chess
11. Rasputin
12. Pissed Off
13. My Sweetheart
14. Sword Of Fire


'Sword of Fire' is a quintessentially British cacophony following a hereditary line that includes the likes of XTC, Squeeze, The Specials, Costello and Blur. It is fair to say that AirHammer have produced an assortment of tasty tea time treats for you to enjoy. From the Albums title track 'Sword of Fire' which pays homage to 70's Prog Rock (Arthur Brown - The God of Hellfire providing the intro) to the 1930's style croonings of 'My Sweetheart' thru the punk musing on first love 'Pissed Off'.

Recorded for independent label Riot Club and two years in the making this dynamic duo were given complete artistic freedom and control, (what other label would allow an artist to include Country and Western, Punk and Waltzing on the same record?). This is the bands debut long player, encompassing Strings, Brass, Banjo, and Morse Code, developing and indulging the bands eccentric takes on life first discovered on their 2002 mini album 'Reshaped whilst Damp,' which to date has sold over 5000 copies in the UK and has made 6501 people smile.

The Artwork was commissioned for the specific purpose from award winning artist and poet Aaron Griffiths and was influenced by classic vinyl album covers of yesteryear.
Having found themselves indelibly linked to the past after chancing upon secret documents in the family bank volt, Reverend Ben Smith and companion Aaron Elvis have been delivering there new word since mid 2003. The Musical mission has taken them all the way from hither to thither, playing from the back of the Riot Club Truck anywhere people will listen. The evil Queens constabulary (seemingly not into Airhammer) sometimes give chase sirens ablaze - caught cautioned and sometimes impounded AirHammer strive to stay one step ahead.

"You're greeted with the kind of mischievously twitchy folk-punk that makes you want to set alight to your Nan's hair and bounce naked around Tescos on one of those big bouncy round things" Drowned In Sound

"Indie rock with a hint of Joe Strummer duelling with the White Stripes" Guardian Guide

"The Clash, Boomtown Rats, The Specials, The Cure and now Airhammer, this is a band that definitely deserve to be classified with those 4 bands" Hot Press

"The m**** looked a hard act to follow but Airhammer rose to the challenge. This two piece outfit sounded like a cross between the White Stripes, Al Jolson and Jacques Brel, with some Steve Berkoff style thrown in" Muzique

"If you don't turn off now, you will be arrested and your equipment seized. You cannot just turn up and have a rock concert on Richmond green" Met Police