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Sweet Are The Uses


Release Date: 20 August 2021

Format: Digital

Label: Supermoon


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Sanity Project [2.24 ]

One Hit Wonder Why [3.18 ]

Market Forces [1.52]

Fauxk Musick [2.32 ]

Merle Haggard's Blues [3.20 ]

Plenty More Fish In C [2.40]

Sermons In Stones [3.29 ]

Bandstand [4.38 ]

The Cost Of Living [1.56]

Theremin Therein [2.59]

All Told

Jill Had A Friend [2.26 ]

Less Is More, More Or Less [2.17]

Muck & Bullets(for Neil Innes) [3.09]


Sweet Are The Uses is Pete Aves seventh release. His 2016 release See How received critical acclaim across the board. 'Impossibly catchy tunes-catharsis has never sounded sweeter', wrote Q magazine. Sweet Are The Uses sees Aves employing his usual eclectic sound palette but augmented by all sorts of new weirdness courtesy of living through the weirdest of years. Listeners should expect massive genre experimentation as befits a musician whose past collaborators include Lee Hazlewood, Neil Innes and the High Llamas to name but a few. Essential summer listening for 2021.


Pete Aves can turn his hand to just about anything, and melodies pulse through his bloodstream as he switches effortlessly between genres. A joy.’


Record Collector


‘The High Llama’s first solo album in five years sounds like latter day Kevin Rowland in its richly sung idiosyncratic diversity;wistful and darkly funny.’




‘Exquisite lyrical and musical wit, clear eyed and gently charming. Songwriting that is unassuming, smart and quietly affecting.’


Uncut 7/10