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Release Date: 26 July 2010

Format: Digital

Label: Joint Effort Records


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Superhero (Radio Edit) 3:02
Superhero (Stonebridge Club Mix) 6:47
Superhero (Calvertron Remix) 5:10
Superhero (Burj Remix by BLX) 4:38
Superhero (Album version) 3:57


Adjust your frequency and prepare to immerse yourself in the brave new musical world of Frequent People.

An innovative collective of musicians, producers, DJs and video artists that draw members from Melbourne, New York, London, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi - Frequent People shatter genres and expectations at every turn with their unique fusion of 'Power Pop' blending, rock and pop melodies with cutting edge electronica.

The brainchild of Natski and long-time multi-instrumentalist collaborator Chass Guthrie, Frequent People have produced a ground-breaking album that bounds through the realms of contemporary pop.

So retune your musical perspective and prepare yourself for a whole new way of looking at pop and electro music - because with Frequent People, the revolution starts here and the whole world is invited.