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Supanova Dex ft Dex-Man

by SUPANOVA DEX ft Dex-Man

Release Date: 30 December 2010

Format: Digital

Label: Run The City Records/ VOS Mu


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Ima Soldier 3:34


"Supanova Dex, (Nicholas Amfo) is a 21 year old multi-talented young man. Originating from South London and of Ghanaian descent, Dex has used his talent effectively and has been making music for the past five years.

He's said that making music is what "I do out of love", and this love has extended to surpass boundaries he had always dreamt of. As the founder of ODF (Ow'Du'Feel) in 2007, this young entrepreneur had a vision for this brand. Beginning with the musical ideology, ODF, which also stands for "One Diverse Future" has expanded to a clothing line with the variety of polo t-shirts, jumpers, jackets, hats and even backpacks. Three years on, along with the assistance of his business partner Nicholas Harnz, ODF has grown and is associated with not only the music industry, but is recognised by fashionistas too..

His latest single Ima Soldier due to release on 30th December 2010 truly defines him as a person and where he is in life. This song is to be featured on his upcoming EP. "