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Sunshine / Shadow (Orange Vinyl ltd 300)


Release Date: 14 July 2014

Format: 7inch Vinyl Single

Label: Genepool Records



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A. Sunshine
AA. Shadow


The Helmholtz Resonators are a renegade group of psychedelic time travelling audio scientists who have been playing and writing music together since the turn of the century. They studied acoustic science and the work of Hermann Von Helmholtz, being particularly inspired by his book On the Wires of our Nerves, essential reading for anyone interested in the science of sound and sound synthesis.

Sunshine/Shadow captures both sides of the band's personality, making perfect sense as a double A side single. 'Sunshine' is a bright slice of electronic feel-good electronica with upbeat lyrics, while 'Shadow' is a sinister tale of beady eyed shadow people, omnipresent and always listening.
;;;;;;The band formed when Garland Vanderbilt discovered an old Burg organ in a skip. After rescuing and installing it in his studio he was thrilled to find it still working and sounding great, if slightly strange! Around the same time Carlton Breezy had an old hyper-fuzz pedal he never liked the sound of when used with his guitar, so he discarded the guitar and found the fuzz perfect with an old 1970s precision bass. Chladni Plates was thrilled;; he had wanted to form a "hatstand of psychedelia" for some time.

Heavily inspired by the ethos behind concept albums, the band have created a repertoire of songs that are as eccentric as their image, touching on influences as diverse as The Residents and The Kinks to LCD Soundsystem and Hieronymous Bosch and picking up support from the likes of XFM's Eddy Temple Morris, BBC 6Music's Marc Riley, Frank Skinner's Absolute Radio Show, Timeout and The Independent.