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Sunflower Seeds EP


Release Date: 22 March 2019

Format: 10inch Vinyl E.P

Label: Chess Club



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A1. Bloom

A2. Rooted

B1. Sunflower Seeds

B2. One Evening In April

B3. Aderyn


rousing arena pop– Dazed


turning daydreams into gold– Noisey


self-assured drama-pop, a cross-pollination of Lorde and Florence- Idolator

Casi is a singer of Welsh and Irish inheritance whose remarkable voice moves effortlessly from the melancholic to the uplifting. Her musical world is both a lonely cry of the soul and an orchestral wall of sound; electric thuds and blast beats intermingle with angelic voices and Celtic mysticism.


Fused in contemporary electronic production but evoking old tales and the pristine simplicity of early Celtic nature poetry, her eclectic voice and dynamic music embody the yearning for a sense of belonging in a modern world.


“Rooted”is a modern day love letter to the land that raised Casi. Following a period spent in London experimenting with music styles, she felt that her work didn’t ring true and after the ending of a long term relationship decided to leave the city and returned home. She spent the oncoming year in solitude and felt empowered by the silent immensity of the Welsh mountains - she soon found herself on a journey that inspired the “Sunflower Seeds”EP: