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Release Date: 30 November 2009

Format: Digital

Label: Wirebird


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Issue 1:22
Underachiever 4:32
Phat Knickers 8:08
Radar 3:23
Sum Numbers 5:50
Audio Video Disco 9:32
Discharge 1:02
1904 8:13


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Ex Libras are Amit Sharma (guitar, vocals), Kieran Nagi (piano, bass) and Ross Kenning (drums). The band started in the unlikeliest of musical hotspots, Hounslow Borough Library, where they worked together. Soon after meeting, they were swapping music and jamming. The boys describe their first few practices as "quite out there" amalgamating their love of rock with loops, noise and beats.

Ex Libras' influences are as varied as their music. The boys share a love of hip-hop, orchestral music, electronic music, funk, jazz - "alternative music with groove," say the band. Ex Libras are a band that know no boundaries. Live, the band performs with a passion that will make your heart skip a beat;; audiences are quickly captivated with the band's melodic finesse that remains unparalleled amongst their piers.

The band's debut album Suite(s) was recorded live in a garden shed (Ex Libras' studio). They initially wrote two sets (or "suites") each comprising of four pieces, which framed the main body of the record. This debut effort is the combined imagination of the band, taking their first steps into the musical world. Suite(s) perfectly encompasses Ex Libras' melodic sensibilities and entwines them with Kid A-era Radiohead style beats and harmonically haunting vocals.

This is the sound of a band with longevity, willing to challenge themselves and the listener without losing their sense of a good tune. Ex Libras are a band with, literally a life force, not to be ignore, never to be missed