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Release Date: 13 April 2010

Format: Digital

Label: Bad Box Records


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Tai Chi Swayze are an international collaboration. A rag-tag mix of art school scenesters, steel city rockers and inseparateable ex-lovers from around the Globe. Sometimes we're in Sydney, sometimes London. It's good to have two passports.

We mostly do this band to impress our friends and the kids who bullied us at school. One day we'll be cool...

As far as influences... we rummage through a crinkled mixed bag of quirky Pop, moody Shoegaze and fizzed up New Wave. Add some retro video games and the occasional vodka fuelled mood swing and we're away.

We were late 90's teenagers, it was a good decade even if we were slightly depressed teens.

[Slams bedroom door crying]

We're ok now, but collective attention spans are still short and we're easily distracted. We try to keep songs under 4 minutes for this reason. Who has time for long songs huh?

Our Mums mostly raised us to be nice so we try not to be music snobs. If tunes are fun and well done, we like em!

We also like the following:

80's video games, 90's Synth, Modern art, New Wave guitars, B-Grade Horror, driving fast, drinking hard and making out. This is likely to change before the end of this paragraph.