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Stationary/Invader Paul


Release Date: 16 April 2007

Format: 7inch Vinyl Single

Label: Genepool



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A. Stationary/Invader Paul
B. Invader Paul

Each 7" is individually designed by fans!


Stained Glass Heroes second single 'Stationary/Invader Paul' will be released 16th April on Genepool Records, and will be available as a download and limited edition 7" vinyl. Both tracks sizzle with pent-up aggression;; angular post-punk guitar riffs punctuate sinister hornet-like keyboards over which, vocalist Pete Butler spits his demands. It is self evident on listening to these two tracks that SGH are of a different breeding to your average indie band. Indeed, they cite The Fall, Jonathan Richman, Can, Magazine, Faust, United States of America, PIL and Love as influences.

Each of the 500 copies of the record will feature a unique sleeve designed, painted or scribbled on by one of 500 randomly selected individuals. From people they meet in the pub, primary school children, fans, established and less established illustrators/artists, the band themselves, their respective mothers and host of other strangers they may stumble across. The idea of randomly designed covers - the 'artists' will have no knowledge of the titles or subject matter of the tracks they are illustrating and are free to decorate the covers as they choose - is juxtaposed with the theme of self-imposed regulation running through the lyrics of both tracks.
In March there will be a one-off exhibition of all 500 sleeves at a London venue to be announced shortly. To see samples of the artwork, go to

Pete Butler, Al Parr, David Stephens and Tagistani Collinparker Rentman Bubble & Squeak met while attending a conference on disabled mobility. They shared a passion for God and smoked herrings. They soon learned of their shared musical abilities and discovered that by combining their skills, the most interesting thing happened. They became the best band in the world. They called themselves The Stereophonics. The threat of legal action forced them to consider a name change. However, they did not relent and later accepted an out of court settlement for six million pounds. They spent the winnings on fags and booze and changed their name anyway. Stained Glass Heroes were born.

The band will be will be touring extensively around the UK this spring which will be followed by the release of their third single and their debut album later in the summer.

Peter Butler: guitar, vocals, synths
Al Parr: bass, vocals, synths
David Stephens: guitar, synths
Tag: drums, saxophone