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Sounds Like Sounds Like Crows


Release Date: 13 October 2018

Format: Digital

Label: Circularity Records


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Sounds Like Crows (Star From Ivy) [3:53]
Sounds Like Stars Remix (jay_broken_doll) [4:20]
This Love (Violet) [1:47]
Far From Ivy (Ellipsis) [3:48]
SoundsLikeCrows Murder Mix (Ian Davies) [5:39]
Sounds Like Crows (BFAM Remix) [3:56]


In 2016 Star From Ivy released their 'Circularity' album – a collection of songs that explore human existence beyond the typical material of many of their contemporaries.

Though not only did they release the tracks as finished pieces of work, they released all the component parts too. Making the medium very much part of the 'Circularity' message.

The TEDxLeamingtonSpa/Star From Ivy REMIx Project has brought together a number of musicians and producers from Warwickshire and beyond (including Matt Waddell of 14 Records, Jason Langdell of Jam AV Media and John Connearn from The Ellipsis, with many more to come) to take one Star From Ivy track and make it their own.