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Soul Junk


Release Date: 02 October 2020

Format: Digital

Label: Dead Eye Duck Tapes


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Mr Messy [3:17]

Released [2:47]

Non-Terrestrial [4:01]

Song Noir [2:44]

Raspberry Punch [2:56]

Days In December [2:24]

Noodle Street [1:01]

Captioned Yet Subliminal [3:14]

Speak Softly Upon Deaf Ears [2:12]

They Killed Akira [3:04]

Destroying the Quota (For You) [2:19]

Riffage 2: Return of the Riff [3:10]

Soul Junk [4:55]


Finally from the underground experimental pop-rockers comes what is their essential greatest hits record. A combination of tracks from their previous releases neatly put together to become... Soul Junk.

"Taking elements of indie, pop, funk, hard rock, and hip-hop, it seems that Redfall are not afraid to push boundaries and go into places other bands simply will not."

"The originality of the songs shines through this like a beacon. I think that this is what I like so much about Redfall, they do not follow musical convention. You will not have heard anything like this before."