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Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Release Date: 23 November 2023

Format: Digital

Label: SSK Records a division of


Somewhere Over the Rainbow [3:10]


Aguaje Ramos is the 'Quincy Jones' of Cuba. Aguaje was the orchestra leader and arranger for the Buena Vista Social Club for 20 Plus years. In 2017 he met Steven Machat, the Co-owner of SSK Records a division of the School of Sacred Knowledge. In that year they recorded his first solo album. The two of them then decided to put together his new orchestra which will be touring the world Spring of 2024. This song we are releasing first as it is a beautiful rendition of the infamous song Over the Rainbow first recorded in 1938, a song which encourages you to leave your current circumstances of despair and go somewhere with more opportunities where those dreams that you dare to dream can come true. His greatest orchestral hits will follow by December 1 of 2023 which is a collection of all the different Cuban genres that he orchestrated throughout his career. In Februrary 2024 we will release new recordings from his current orchestra.