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Somewhere Down The Line


Release Date: 24 July 2006

Format: CD Album

Label: Headwrecker




1) Joanne
2) Electric Tracks
3) Making Bombs
4) Like Wild Fire
5) Come Undone
6) Sidesteps
7) Beautiful Morning
8) Slow Sad Swing Song


'I love this city / I met a lot of nice people here'

So sings Chris Tye on his debut album 'Somewhere Down The Line'. The city in question is Birmingham, guardian of the Midlands, England's proud second city and Chris' home town. The song is 'Come Undone', one of eight tracks on what is a startlingly honest offering from a young man who is both shy and confident in equal measures;; who smiles yet who holds back, and a man with a lot to say yet preferring and indeed able to convey his thoughts with words so carefully thought out you wonder if every conversation is scripted in his head far in advance. When he does speak you feel that you want to listen. It's a talent that translates well to his songwriting as people who have heard the record are starting to attest. 'I love the strings on this track' says Tye thoughtfully as 'Come Undone' plays in the background. "I recorded the guitar and vocal live and we added the viola and cello afterwards." He pauses. "The song is about… reaching a point where change is the only thing that can save you – in this case a change of town – going home. We all need to go 'home' from time to time. It's probably the most straightforward emotionally raw track on the album."