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Release Date: 09 June 2008

Format: CD Single

Label: Cityscape



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Track 1. Sometimes
Track 2. Glitterati


Not content to sit back and soak up the plaudits from critically acclaimed second album, 'Lo-tech Solutions to Hi-tech problems', the creative drive of Merchandise's Brad B Wood and Conrad Astley is flowing as richly as ever and in June 08 Merchandise drop stunning new single, Sometimes, in our laps, and with it look set to cement their growing reputation as creators of glorious melodic-pop.

Consummate in the art of marrying luscious acoustic loveliness with all the cut n paste potential of this digital age, Merchandise have once again struck joyful, life-affirming musical gold.

The title track sounds like waking up on a sunny Sunday morning next to the warm body of a post coital lover. Dripping with dreamy optimism, Brad B Wood's effortless vocal floats alongside the sprightly piano before the melodic and vibrant rhythm section kicks in and takes the chorus soaring in a swirl of harmonically entwined instrumental elegance and loved-up lyrics.

Track 2, Glitterati, is a further example of Merchandise lo-fi loveliness, albeit in slightly more cynical mood. The uplifting piano is reeled in by the dark lead guitar line and world weary lyrics that Brad delivers from the regretful point of view of one recently duped or deceived;; 'you told me how the field of glitter, is sowed with gold and silver lies. I should have seen it from the outset but I had glitter in my eyes'.

Mournful yet ultimately uplifting, Merchandise's perfect knack of producing aural comfort means Glitterati's lyrical content and tender vocal doesn't quite defeat the notion that there is still light at the end of this particular tunnel.

With Sometimes, Merchandise have produced the perfect antidote to winter's grays and blues, and have once again produced a familiar, yet unique cocktail of charming, disarming and seductive music.
So go on, treat yourself to a taste of the Merchandise.