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so Sorry.


Release Date: 14 June 2018

Format: Digital

Label: Kyverdale Road

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Read this Again. [0:30]
Output 1-2 - [1:45]
Mamiwata [3:22]
Truth_Dare [5:38]
S---- [2:24]
Distance ft Lancey Foux [3:40]
Craison, a New Colour [3:06]


The contributors on this project are all very close friends of mine, LA Tampa being one of the best living musicians of our time. Fairy Floss is a small Alaskan girl I met on the internet and a giant in spirit. Lancey Foux is a talent I was introduced to around the time we began the initial TTY recordings. Sandman/Cam is a god level producer, you see pain and understanding in whats put in front of you via his production. I spent a short time with Dedikund cut and we made my favourite track, its the most personal to me, the deepest.

I'd expect people to come to their own decisions when listening to this as music, Im a prophet, If i record it then it will happen or is already in course to take shape. I need people to understand where I'm from and take this into account, look at what you hear and see who its coming from. Everything about this is meant to challenge you, not in purpose, its the nature of the creator.