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Small Town Eyes


Release Date: 01 March 2010

Format: CD Album

Label: Ocean Reds Records



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Track List
1. Forevergreen
2. Love & Levity
3. From Katie's Window
4. I Turn To Tell Her
5. Cutting Out
6. I Know?
7. Imperfect
8. Into The Blue
9. Pity The Rose
10. Page 99
11. Falling Next To You
12. Waste This
13. Broken


Justin Sandercoe, otherwise known as Justin Guitar, is to release his debut album Small Town Eyes on February 28th 2010. He is the 3RD most subscribed to musician in the UK (after Mia Rose and Leona Lewis) with 90,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Justin has risen to worldwide stardom over the internet, with his free guitar lessons amassing more than 55 million video views on YouTube, teaching the world how to play guitar, and asking only for donations.

Having taught artists such as Katie Melua and Cathy Dennis to play guitar (and toured in Katie's live band for 3 years), and taught at The Guitar Institute, Justin has unquestionable musical know-how.

The spotlight has turned now, with the release of Justin's first album 'Small Town Eyes', a mixture of heartfelt chilled guitar tunes, to more upbeat contemporary tracks, taking influence from Neil Young, Jack Johnson, Damien Rice and Elliott Smith to name but a few. Justin's talent knows no bounds, for not only does he write and sing his own tunes, in addition to the guitar, he also plays the mandolin, bass guitar, harmonica, lap steel and percussion.

Support from Justin's reach is global, but his British following is particularly loyal with almost a third of his 90,000 strong fan base situated in the UK, and constantly pledging their allegiance to his cause and his music. Typically, Justin will reciprocate his appreciation for those who support him with an album launch show at London's Bush Hall on Sunday 28th February.

"Justin has the rare ability to touch someone with a song, his beautiful lyrics in Turn To Tell are haunting and bought tears to my eyes." - Katie Melua