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Sleep Furiously


Release Date: 31 October 2012

Format: CD Album

Label: Believers Roast



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1) When Scouts Go Bad
2) Direct
3) Wheezyboy
4) Deficit
5) The Rhetorician
6) Pigheart
7) Sleeve
8) Own
9) Toxcatl
10) Blackout
11) Quiet Earth


"…their often bewildering mastery of everything – King Crimson like angularity and dissonance, the blissful pop dynamics of the Cardiacs, and the esoteric post-hardcore audacity of Shudder to Think – amount to a sustained victory for intuitive cross-pollination…most importantly, Thumpermonkey's music is ridiculously exciting&#59; the blazing light of punk rock filtered skilfully through the cerebral prog prism…"

"…deliciously, fiendishly inventive rhythms, big-boots guitar noise, and a mellifluous tenor, redolent of a young Peter Gabriel…"

"…an outrageous supernova, outshining half the sky…huge depth, big sound, immaculate arrangements, and a big, big voice. It's a lot of things, and greater than the sum of its parts: unashamed proper prog, lifted, by an avant sensibility, out of cheesy traps, yet swapping the harsher elements of experimental and avant rock for something more melodic, for refined guitars and real singing…the combination is thrilling"

"…not one of your indie-smindy post hardcore bands claiming to be progressive because they borrowed one of the easier At The Drive-In riffs, or yet another noodling post-rock copy of the Explosions in Your Emperor thing. No! This is the full on weird wired bombastic Rael in his Lighthouse in the court of crimson u-boat real big Gentle Giant, Isis deal…"


"(a)…Simmering noise rumpus"


"…there are, I find, two distinct types of 'experimental' music. There's yer crap, usually a load of mis-matched toss put out by people who can't actually play or write and then there's this… Thumpermonkey, exciting, exhilarating and manic in a way that assorted preachers can only dream of…."


"…in all honesty needs to be heard to be believed, the work of a warped genius, or just warped. Your call."