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Skool Daze


Release Date: 15 February 2010

Format: CD Single

Label: 6060 Music



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1.Skool Daze (feat Wiley)
2.Skool Daze (feat Wiley) Thin red man remix
3.Skool Daze (feat Wiley) Greg Stainer remix
4.Skool Daze (feat Wiley) Fr3e Remix
5.Skool Daze (feat Wiley) Kami K Asian remix
6.Skool Daze (Feat wiley) chilli chunky house
7.Skool Daze(feat Wiley) Delerious remix
8.Skool Daze(feat wiley) Swindle soulful house


"Underneath all the sparkle is a star with a voice that flies and a songwriting talent that deserves to be nurtured" –

Having just been added to the playlist on Kiss FM's radio network the UK's most tempting RnB/pop newcomer, Cherri V, is back with a debut follow-up that's even more spectacular than the last – the almighty, 'Skool Daze', is released on 25th January 2010. With MTV hailing Cherri V as the Uk's answer to Janet Jackson, and the likes of Tinchy Stryder asking Cherri to provide vocals for his MTV and GMTV performances, Cherri V is 'the' act to watch out for in 2010. Her new single 'Skool Daze' is a fizzy-popsicle dance track that's truly bursting with the juiciest loops, plus a guest rap from Wiley - 'Skool Daze', is instantly addictive from the first mouth-watering fling-down.

For those who love RnB/pop, 'Skool Daze', is an awesome fusion of vibrant stomping beats, blended perfectly to bring out the full flavour of Cherri's luscious lyrics, which reminisce of a school-girl, pre-love crush. A prelude to Cherri's much awaited debut album, 'Fast Cars, Silk Sheets and Favourite Guys', early next year, 'Skool Daze', is a zesty track which effervesces with the explosive energy of the collection waiting ahead of it.

Everything about Cherri V screams sparkling success. The niece of soul goddess, Mica Paris, she studied at the Brit school and by the age of 17, she'd already toured with Mercury prize winner, Ms Dynamite. As she took pride of place alongside her band mates in the RnB trio, Trinity Stone, Cherri found herself sharing the stage with the likes of Sugababes, Girls Aloud and McFly, for some audience wowing live performances. As an artist who can pen and perform like no other, she was a talent that simply couldn't be confined to band status.

Recently Cherri has been hand picked by Nelly to be the face, or rather bottom, of his Apple Bottoms Jeans brand. It was Cherri's cool, sassy attitude which stole Nelly's heart as he saw her as a perfect match for his sexy, but wearable, design led jeans brand. Applebottoms and Cherri v – two fruits in perfect harmony. Cherri V has spent the last few months promoting her new single 'Skool Daze' within the press, TV and radio sectors. She is now coming to the end of a 40 date nationwide tour which wraps-up in Blackpool on November 19th at the prestigious Children In Need Concert on the North Pier Promenade

Having just recorded a live studio session with Ras Kwame for Radio 1 and 1 Extra Cherri is back with the dazzling, 'Skool Daze', which features a razor-sharp guest rap from Wiley, who's single 'My Rolex' shot to No2 in the UK charts. It also received over 30,000 hits in its first week on youtube. 'Skool Daze' defies anyone to ignore the head-bobbing, hip-shaking sensation that sizzle from it's deep beats and up-lifting vibe. With remixes from Audiodubz (electro trance mix), Fr3e (tribal skank funky house remix) and Mark Jason (resident at GAY) this little Cherri is getting riper and tasting sweeter by the second!