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Sink Or Swim


Release Date: 01 February 2010

Format: Digital

Label: Becky Falls


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1. Sink Or Swim
2. Sound The Alarm
3. Falling Out Of Houses


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"Up until September of 2009 Becky Falls, a four piece alt pop band based in Devon, were struggling to find their identity. Formed in 2005 as a folk pop quartet under the name The Naturals, the band has seen many different players (bass player Gary Sydenham is on his second running with the band), changed names (they found Becky Falls from a national attraction on Dartmoor) and, in recent months with the addition of guitarist Chris Venning, developed a new, edgier, guitar based sound. Fronted by the striking and soulful Nicole Wakeling, Becky Falls takes the listener on a powerful melodic journey, tugging at the heartstrings over the pain of unrequited love, laughing with cheeky nostalgia of loves past and snuggling into the warm, fuzzy feeling of love new. Held together rhythmically by Gregg Cashmore on drums, the songs have developed into interesting soundscapes of ethereal guitar, big vocal melodies and a delightful assortment of beautiful music to suit even the most finicky of tastes.

With musical influences ranging from the Cocteau Twins, Radiohead and Muse, Becky Falls have played in front of a wide array of audiences. In 2007 they played at the Fordstock Festival to an audience of over 3000 people while the summer of 2009 saw them at Doddstock, a local Brixham based charity festival. More recently they supported Devon based newcomer Cosmo Jarvis and Plymouth based folk favourites Mad Dog Mcrea at the Hippo New Years Eve Bash in Plymouth. They are already booked to play several festivals in 2010 including the increasingly popular AEON Festival held near Exeter and are keen to play to as many people as possible throughout the coming year"

"In my humble opinion, BeckyFalls is one of the most original and exciting bands I have had pleasure to listen-to in the 23 years since I began compiling the LoweDown Column. If there's any justice in this world BeckyFalls will be music-paper front page news within the year. Let's face it, someone needs to save us from these awful gospelesque sound-alikes and the Radiohead wannabees ... and soon!! " -David Lowe, Herald Express

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