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Silent Reflux


Release Date: 18 January 2021

Format: Digital

Label: Believers Roast


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Figure 1 [8:24]

The Occasional Table [1:32]

Figure 2 [4:29]

Bar de la Grande Terrasse [1:27]

The Machines [2:05]

Figure 3 [7:15]

Figure 4 [4:39]


Silent Reflux is Chlöe Herington's first solo release. Initially conceived as an idea in 2006, the album explores, and acts as a soundtrack to, a series of recurring dreams. The physical release comes with a series of 'listening instructions', devised to enhance the personal experience through the use of smell. On this recording, she is joined by musicians such as Kavus Torabi (Gong, Knifeworld), Alex Ward (TINTH), Ivan Hussey ('Celloman), Sarah Anderson (Chrome Hoof), Emmett Elvin (Guapo, Chrome Hoof) and Ben Woollacott (Knifeworld, Medieval Baebes) who perform her scores. Lockdown provided the time and space to complete the album.

Chlöe Herington is a Nottingham-born bassoonist, saxophonist, composer and sound maker, based in London and Wiltshire. Landscape, text and image serve as the starting point for her scores. She collects sounds and diagrams, composing predominantly for bassoon, saxes, electronics and found sounds to explore synaesthetic memory and collective experience. She is based in London and Wiltshire.

As well as leading avant-pop trio, VÄLVĒ, regular other playing is currently bassoon, saxes and backing vocals with Knifeworld, processed sax in Hirvikolari and in Lindsay Cooper Songbook with Chris Cutler, Dagmar Krause, Tim Hodgkinson and Yumi Hara, performing the music of Lindsay Cooper (Henry Cow/News From Babel) as well as occasional live performances with Teeth of the Sea and Daniel O'Sullivan's band.

About Silent Reflux: "This album concept came from thinking about a series of recurring dreams I had as a child. I distilled these into 'types' and created very simple graphic logos for them which were then developed into full scores from a collection of dreams, submitted as audio or text via an online research project. Two of these appear, as recounted, on the record"

There are plans for a post-COVID live multi-sensory launch with a full band in London.