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She Cried/Diamond


Release Date: 05 December 2005

Format: 7inch Vinyl Single

Label: Hatch Records




A-side She Cried
B-side Diamond


In the greatest of Scottish song writing tradition, 'She Cried' is wrought with emotion, lyrical adroitness and melody, all delivered with the passion and delicate force that has made Glasgow a focal point for British music.

Our Lunar Activities are Charlie Clarke (former member of Astrid) on guitar and lead vocals, brother Kevin Clarke on drums and Reindeer Section man Marcus MacKay on Bass. For this single, they were also joined on keyboards and production duties by Barry Burns of indie giants Mogwai.

Supports to local heroes and friends Snow Patrol and Teenage Fanclub meant word spread fast, and their own gigs became increasingly frenzied, brilliant and packed out. Their reputation has deservedly grown.