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Serve Them Toxins


Release Date: 09 October 2020

Format: Digital



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Centuries Of Plague [6:09 ]

Power Narrative [5:07]

A Becoming Need Of Fire (Album Mix) [4:34]

Suspended Outside Time [6:19]

Desire Replication Injection Illumination [5:03]

Serve Them Toxins [4:16]

(Control Disintegrates) Silently [4:34]

Inside Every Vermilion Canvas [4:58]

Where Flesh Ends [7:05]


There is much going on in the Choronzon camp, wielding chaos in ways those who seek control fear in their very subconscious. A consciousness becoming-fire exploding lines of flight...

The focus here is on groove and feel, the obscure sense of dread this year has brought. The intention was to bring a feeling when confronted with an enormous catastrophe and the stages of being overwhelmed, then angry and finally determined to overcome. Early influences like proto-metal, Maggot Brain by Parliament, and the use of reggae beats is part statement, part inspiration.

A simultaneous revelling in and recoiling from a cosmic horror laid bare to an unprepared consciousness. Parallels are drawn from witnessing the sheer scope and persistence of human folly and hubris, like a phenomenon of the death drive as precursor to the heat death of the universe.

Could be misanthropy, or just an observation. The desire to see the world burn and to dance in the ruins. The return to normal seen as a horror as great as that which is invoked by visions of disaster, and the great unravelling of society. Technocracy calcifies, dogma rots, established orders decay.

Krys Koseda - Guitar, Bass, Synth, Drums
P. Emerson Williams - 8-string guitar, Vox
Pandora - Percussion