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Scud Penguin


Release Date: 01 February 2012

Format: Digital

Label: Pengy Music


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My Time
Breaking Point
Chip Shop Lover
Consumer Slavery
White Christmas Dreaming
In the Sound
You're a Sucker
A Day in the City
Take Life
Department of Awareness
One Way Love
One Last Dance


Scud Penguin's compulsive rhythmic rock grooves drive a sharp set full of irony and misplaced affections. Chunky rhythms, fat bass and big chords thump deep into your chest and then cascade on down to your feet where all that energy is transformed into bonkers dancing. Coxy lists his heroes as the great chops players Mick Green (Pirates) and Wilco Johnson (Feelgoods) but the tightness of the beat is firmly underpinned by Westmore's subterranean bass and Walsh's oblique drumming. Put on your bonkers dancing shoes and get down and see them soon.