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Salon Apocalypse


Release Date: 27 April 2011

Format: Digital

Label: Inner-X-Musick


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Still Bloody Action 2:35
Sleep, Cut and Run 2:54
Intellectual Institutional Object 5:21
And the Beast of the Vision Still Roams in Dream 2:17
Sepulchral Reminder (Torment Rose) 3:10
Nearer to Hell (Ideological Corpses) 4:20
The Play is the Thing 2:17
Nocturne 3:54
infinitude 2:56
Seduction 6:51
Windows Blacked Out 0:51
The Bell 4:34
Autonomous Anonymous Anomalous 2:26
The Thing is in Play 1:11
Imagination Thieves 9:52
Veiled Shadows Gaze 3:10
Soul Intervention 3:02


Experimental Gothic Industrial act VEIL OF THORNS bring Salon Apocalypse, the first album to be released on INNER-X-MUSICK, which is the first new Veil of Thorns release since Cognitive Dissonance in 2007.

At the twenty year mark in their career, VEIL OF THORNS continue to build on an ever expanding palette with their most varied release to date. From the stripped down, back to the guitar driven psychedelic heaviness of old the last release, the band return to to the organic shifting soundscape melding shades of electronic, classical, hiphop with a darker than ever gothic sensibility.

"Rarely do I come across a recording that stumps me the way this one did." – Heathen Harvest