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Rough Round The Edges


Release Date: 11 April 2017

Format: Digital

Label: Busy B Records



St.Joseph [4.08]
Shadowlands [5.49]
Can't Tell The Truth [3.52]
Road Again [4.17]
Shed A Little Light [4.30]
NOLA (Gimme The Funk) [1.56]
I Wanna Rock'n' Roll Ya [4.11]
If You Change Your Mind [4.04]
Away From You [4.28]
Don't Cry For Me [3.43]
Having A Real Good Time [4.06]


London based original 5 piece blues rock band, born in the blues but explore different genres as their songwriting talents take them.
Rough Round The Edges is their debut album created with both love and pain, created as in the early 60's in an analogue studio with vintage equipment, and recording 11 tracks in 4 days flat, this album totally conveys the band live on stage, their raw power exudes from every track, no smooth overproduced album this, every track takes you somewhere else, have a listen and judge for yourself ! Enjoy Rough Round The Edges