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Rock Is Not Your Enemy


Release Date: 26 October 2009

Format: CD Album

Label: Genepool Records




1 Rock Is Not Your Enemy
2 Going Out of Fashion
3 Be My Baby
4 Free Ride
5 Allison Number ONe
6 Man Hungry
7 Honey
8 Motormouth
9 Night and Day
10 Souls Still Shining


"Once upon a time there was rock. It was simple, people laughed and cried and imagined the freakish lives of the folks playing the soundtrack to their lives. Radars new album, Rock Is Not Your Enemy takes you on a tragic-happy journey from the melodic angst of Honey to the gritty rock-riff and sweet- pop vocals in the title track, you will be sitting comfortably as it begins and jumping round your room happily ever after"