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Release Date: 07 April 2021

Format: Digital

Label: T-Records


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Ro-Bop-A-Love [3:31]


The Spacer took off in 2013 when Finnish-born songwriter and producer Tapio "T" Kangas met renowned English engineer and producer Mark "Tufty" Evans who has worked with everyone from Elton John to Bee Gees and KLF.

The first single "Creature" from The Spacer was an environmentally conscious song told from an alien being's point of view. It had a clear warning message of what is happening to Earth's environment. And Peter Cox delivered this emotional text perfectly with his soulful voice. The song eventually reached nr 17 in the official UK Pop Club Chart.
The second single release "Alien" epitomised the essence of The Spacer with its ambient space sounds, modern beats and most importantly the story of an alien being walking amongst us. This is what the Spacer is all about - a unique passage way to the mysteries of the unknown. The song featured up-and-coming British singer Shereen and it peaked at nr 29 in the official UK Pop Club Chart.

Now it's time for the third single called "Ro-Bop-A-Love", which brings the band closer to its rock roots with a catchy guitar riff and a familiar sing-along chorus, which pays homage to all good ol' rock'n roll songs. Although the lyrics are pure sci fi about a girlfriend who is simply too good to be true.