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Release Date: 10 December 2013

Format: Digital

Label: CMI Vibe Music

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What Makes Us Fade [3:44]
Glasshead [4:24]
Careless [4:27]
Moonshine [4:36]
Moment In Time [4:44]
Letters To Sunny [3:30]
Just For You [4:06]
Your Eyes [5:01]
You Got That Way [4:19]
Your Love [3:29]


Rexxy is an independent project by musician, singer, songwriter Monica Velasquez. While Monica's early projects included sounds from disco glam to 60's garage, it was in Los Angeles where she found her own sound, and Rexxy was born. The sounds are a mix of seductive synth, moody bass riffs and inspiration from 80's new wave, vintage, and modern indie music of today. Today she resides in Brooklyn.