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Residential Bliss


Release Date: 24 January 2015

Format: Digital

Label: Eyes For Gertrude


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Rag and Bone [03:13]
Messing Around [03:20]
Forgiveness Killed Us [03:22]
Home [02:43]
Heaven [04:06]
History [04:39]
Wings [03:11]
Julian [02:35]
The Boatman [03:20]
Empires [03:26]


A sparkling debut album by British female duo, Eyes For Gertrude. Hannah Dean and Chantelle Pike write full-hearted, unforgettable songs about real things. Piano-pulsed, accordion-tinged, guitar-swooned songs shaped around captivating observations of the everyday, this eagerly anticipated debut album, 'Residential Bliss' was recorded in Vancouver, with renowned Canadian producer Ben Mink (Feist, K. D. Lang). Ben's signature strings can be heard throughout 'Residential Bliss' and coupled with the coming together of two exciting voices a sound is created that is both timeless and unique. Pike's distinctive vocal (think Patsy Cline) is rife with deft melody and packed with heartbreaking turns and flourishes, while Dean sings like she's from the same planet as Julee Cruise. The results are breathtaking and full of irrepressible energy.

Clive Anderson (BBC Loose Ends) called them 'Excellent...very stylish'

Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 6 music);; 'highly likeable, tasty production, GREAT singer.'

Ben Mink;; 'I initially became acquainted with "Eyes for Gertrude" through some mp3 recordings they sent to my website. I was frankly stunned at the high level of songwriting, arrangements and vocal performances'

The songs on this album will take you places you thought you knew and reveal this drudging, charming, and absurd life in all it's finery.