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Red Hearts Of Gold / Provocateur


Release Date: 25 June 2012

Format: Digital

Label: Good Bait


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Red Hearts Of Gold 3.39
Provocateur 3.17
Red Hearts Of Gold (Youandewan remix) 8.50
Provocateur (Stavrogin remix)
;;;;;; 4.09
Red Hearts Of Gold (Chamboché remix) 7.17


As immersive as it is instant, 'Red Hearts of Gold' is a rousing, dense number that showcases vocalist Lily Gaskell's talents with orchestral gusto. 'Provocateur' flits from ethereal aggression to half tempo drops, indulging everything between in a rhythmic drum and synth onslaught.
Youandewan, a producer who is no stranger to toying with preconceptions, turns in a futuristic deep house version of 'Red Hearts of Gold' that draws on almost-there Juno 60 keys and dubbed vocals and chords. A surefire summer bomb, it's some of the Leeds-based producers finest work to date.
Stavrogin delivers a slow- burning, beats orientated remix of 'Provocateur' that allows Gaskell's voice to sour above a stripped back combination of mechanical and organic beats.
Finally, the hotly tipped deep house producer Chamboche turns in a moody, stompy yet beautiful interpretation of 'Red Hearts of Gold' that uses loose, chopped loops and lingering vocals to sit around an infectious tapestry of synths.