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Release Date: 06 August 2021

Format: Digital

Label: Believers Roast


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Sacramento [2.32]

Petrichor [3.32]

Cloned in Error [5.36]

The Levitant [6.43]

Seachange [6.56]


Thumpermonkey guitarist/vocalist Michael Woodman releases 'Psithurism' on Friday, 6th August 2021, through Believers Roast.

Named for the ancient Greek term for wind in the trees, 'Psithurism' moves away from Woodman's maximalist sci-fi contributions to Thumpermonkey's recent 'Make Me Young Etc', inhabiting instead the quiet interstices between mossy wet stones. 'Murder ballads with funny counting', if you like - fusing 70s progressive influences with 80s Scott Walker and weird fiction - sinister narratives featuring backwoods criminality, cryptids hidden in the shin-tangle, recently burned buildings hissing in rain, and the warm, sad ochre of nostalgia.

Past reviews for Thumpermonkey:

"...a mellifluous tenor, redolent of a young Peter Gabriel…": ROCK-A-ROLLA.

"...a feast of Robert Wyatt-esque restraint and melodic eccentricity with several drop-dead brilliant lyrics that match the visual power of the surrounding squall…": PROG MAGAZINE.

"...the complicated theatre of this Scott Walker-esque fin-de-siecle fever dream that loops in Magma, Peter Hammill, Gentle Giant and Shudder to Think...": CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE.