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Release Date: 14 December 2013

Format: Digital

Label: The Sentient


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Batten the Hatches [1:33]
We'll Consume Ourselves [3:14]
Liaison [2:58]
Through the Eyes of a Broken Man, Anything Is Happiness [2:12]
Lean On Me, My Friend [3:17]
No Words [1:53]
Hard Thoughts [1:36]
The Cost of Cohesion [2:41]
Heart Song [3:09]
The Hours Pass, the Months, the Years [4:47]
In Circles Pt.II [4:04]


The Sentient are a four-piece metal band hailing from Cornwall, UK. Established in 2013, the band have been through many different members and musical styles. Originally a band with dual guitarists, university changed the line-up, with members leaving and joining. Current members include Ben Lynch on vocals, Josh Rowland on guitar, Aidan Whitaker on bass and Nathan Deacon on drums. They use a wide range of musical influences to craft their own unique sound.

'Promises' is The Sentient's debut album, recorded at Freefall Recordings in St Just Cornwall.