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Release Date: 18 August 2008

Format: 7inch Vinyl Single

Label: Genepool/Fiction/No Carbon



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Limited edition one sided 7" single

A. President


Berlin, Germany - After conquering the US and nearly all of Europe with their live performances and their edgy leftfield electro - or the self-coined "glam noir" - IAMX is gearing up for the album release of The Alternative in the UK on 22 Oct. (available digitally 15 Oct.).

"Heavier, dirtier and more sinister than the Sneaker Pimps' listener-friendly sounds, The Alternative is almost industrial without the excessive noise. Taking the buzzes from that genre and mixing them with electro elements, orchestral washes and Corner's dangerous delivery makes for a tempting mix." - Remix Magazine

"IAMX is living in Berlin these days, and you can hear that city bleeding through any number of the more dramatic moments on The Alternative... chillingly Bowie-esque." - Alternative Press

"The beauty of these tours was witnessing the power of word-of-mouth through the internet," says Chris Corner, about how the tour reached their extremely sizable fanbase. "There wasn't an album release and no hype. It's so refreshing to work without the chains of industry bulls**t and still be able to reach people. I was completely blown away by the spirit and attitude of the audience. There is a deep affinity and that makes us very hungry for more."

"Just listening to The Alternative, you can't help but think of highbrow art;; think Marlene Dietrich on Ecstacy out for a night of cabaret." - Venice

IAMX is a full-on aural and visual attack with the dynamic and inimitable Chris Corner leading the charge. The European marketplace has already gone berzerk for their blend of dramatic synth-rock, darkness-infused pop, and intricately-constructed indie dance and IAMX has been headlining festivals overseas in Brussels, Berlin and in Russia, and supporting (and sometimes overtaking) such stalwarts as Placebo, Franz Ferdinand, and The Cardigans.

"Think Muse, but more out there, and sounding both stadium sized rock and seedy Berlin underground at the same time..." - Londonist