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Pink December (Antwerp Remix)


Release Date: 31 March 2017

Format: Digital

Label: Straight Lines Are Fine


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Pink December (Antwerp Remix) [6:16]


Art-rock three-piece Slow Riot return with new track 'Pink December', and now this reworking by esteemed electronic pioneer Antwerp.

Conceived, written and recorded during the same sessions that produced last Autumn's 'Absent Dreams' single, yet a paradigm shift away from it's (step)sister sonically, 'Pink December' offers a tantalising glimpse of a new sound being forged in their Limerick rehearsal space.

The signature deadpan vocal delivery and motorik driving bass remain, but gone is the athletic, lean post-punk;; eschewed for layers of dense guitars, tribal drums, and half-heard backing vocals slowly unveiling themselves over nearly five and a half minutes. This is the sound of a band delving deeper into the thematic darkness that has characterised their output to date and embracing it.

Antwerp builds on this darkness, shifting and distorting it into minimal, coolwave & techno directions.