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Release Date: 01 November 2019

Format: Digital

Label: Elly J Devon

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Phoenix [3:17]


I started singing from the age of 6 and my love for honest 60's soul music grew from there too. I started playing piano at age 8 and writing lyrics at the same time. When I was 12 I got a singing scholarship to Wells Cathedral school where I got classical training. But it was when I got into the big band that my love of soul/jazz music was solidified. I spent a lot of time travelling to and from school where I endlessly wrote lyrics. After finishing school I tried to move to cities to sing but couldn't balance the cost of living there and being able to do music. So I kept returning to my home of Devon (yes my first name is actually and officially Elly J Devon). I have always found it so easy to write here. My music is about finding moments in time and creating beauty, or being honest about its pain or quite simply; love. I've been so inspired by where I live and imagery of that seeps through. A combination of all of this (I hope) has made my music honest, truthful and real.