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Phantom Head


Release Date: 08 April 2013

Format: CD Album

Label: Wrath Records



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I Will Crush Your Heart 5:45
I am the Rain 4:40
The Bristol Butcher 4:56
Blunt Force Trauma 3:41
The Spider 4:05
We Are the Blind 5:27
They Put You on a Pedestal 4:15
Twist the Knife 3:45
Missing 4:09
The Cardinal 3:10
It's Just a Matter of Time 6:17
The Stepford Bands 4:40


The Scaramanga Six are arguably the most prolific and unique underground rock band in the UK. The group have their home in the gloomy Yorkshire town of Huddersfield and are based around the dual tyranny of twin brothers Paul & Steven Morricone with Julia Arnez on guitars and Gareth Champion on the traps. A self-styled 'evil version of a pop group', the band's trademarks are a mish-mash of finely crafted melodies, guttural howls, soaring croons, abrasive & punky arrangements, encyclopaedic musical references and dark subject matter, all delivered with ferocious self-confidence. They exist somewhere between the malevolent grit of The Stranglers in their prime and the existential melodrama of Scott Walker, if you can imagine that.