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Peel it to Reveal it

by Thee MOOT

Release Date: 06 May 2019

Format: Digital

Label: MOOT

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Tabloid View of The World [2:43]

Executive Temptress [3:15]

My Sister Brenda [2:11]

Don't Push Me [3:21]

no More Dreams In The Hollow [3:18]

Say What You Mean [2:59]

Let Your Hair Down [3:47]

Take But Don't Give It Away [3:25]

My Fixation [2:45]

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark [3:21]


Thee MOOT are purveyors of paisley-hued melodic pop and psych. Formed in early 2016 by former Onlookers Nick Stone and Mark Leech with ex-Transients Freezer Pinch and DC, they launched a teaser EP entitled TOMORROWS CALLING in the spring of 2018 and today they release their much awaited debut album PEEL IT TO REVEAL IT