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Out of Darkness


Release Date: 24 February 2023

Format: Digital

Label: Genepool


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Out of Darkness [3:54]


As we HOPE and leave behind the darkness of recent times, yet still remains the reminiscences, the echoes of deceit and control of our leadership, those who we "TRUST" with our everyday lives. But trust is a fragile state, constructed through a Stockholm Syndrome style effect and yet we clearly see the deceit and continue with blind acceptance. All we can ask for is kindness; a small amount of consideration for HUMANITY, to hold the hands of the dying and comfort those who seek solace. The stories within the songs written by SHE BURNS RED explore the lies, the deceit but without the need for blame; its clear who that belongs with and blame itself is a heavy burden for us all to carry.

"It feels like compassion has been drained away and we are left with a divide; a dog-eat-dog world, moving further away from each other. As a band we want to bridge that gap, show people that it doesn't always have to be this way".

Riding high on the release of their last single KILLING TIME, a hugely successful UK tour with Kickin' Valentina completing the final date at CALL OF THE WILD Festival, the band have no intention of stopping right now. Working with MATT ELLISS (Massive Wagons/Black Spiders) on the much anticipated FULL DEBUT ALBUM, things are certainly heating up and the fire keeps burning with the release of their new single OUT OF DARKNESS.

If SHE BURNS RED offer one thing it is in the attempt to restore faith and hope in humanity and to remove the blanket of confusion set to keep us apart. There is no better feeling, no better means of escape from the day to day than at a show. The connection between band and audience is a bond that cannot be broken, and for that fleeting moment we are free. Free to express ourselves, free to choose who we want to be and unite as one.

"HOPE, TRUST and HUMANITY are not just words, its everything we're fighting for, its everything we are".