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One Long Song E.P.


Release Date: 21 November 2005

Format: CD Album

Label: Everybody's Records



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1.You Can Be The Stars
2.Can't Turn The Sea Off
3.Caught Out In The Rain
4.We Are The Grapefuit
5.Simple World
7.You Can Be The Stars (Video)


"I left London for New York in April 2003 after being in various bands, having had different managers and deals fall through. I was going to go to L.A. but I'd fallen in love with a girl who worked behind the bar at a pub in Archway who'd just moved to New York. So, telling myself and my friends that I was going to find a new manager and to set up my night UNLIT in Brooklyn, I went to try to track her down.

'One Long Song' is a taster, an introduction to a larger collection of songs, sparked by that decision to leave. In these six tracks there is birth (of my niece, in 'You can be the Stars'), death (a year ago, of my manager and friend Tony Meilandt in 'Can't Turn the Sea Off'), a break up, loneliness and epiphany.

I'm two years or so into the adventure. I have a flat in L.A. (you see I got there eventually) and UNLIT has become a hybrid of a house-party and a gig, featuring various different invited performers in changing locations around the city most Friday nights. Also I met up with some guys who saw the world the same way and were able to make my music sound like it should, called Keefus, Sam and John, or - Green, Music and Gold.

As the songs says I "keep waiting to record this album full of songs". But this is where I've got to so far. I hope you enjoy it."