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Oh My Love


Release Date: 20 April 2009

Format: 7inch Vinyl Single

Label: Faculty Records



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A. Oh My Love
B. Lookin for you


'Bloody Marvellous'- Art Rocker

John and Jehn are a French duo who moved from their hometowns to London at the back end of 2006. It is impossible to talk about them without mentioning that they are a couple and very much in love.

It's this dynamic that is fundamental to their self-titled debut album, John and Jehn: from the evident passion in the songwriting, performance and delivery, through to the physical presentation of the album being split into two halves – 'Side John' and 'Side Jehn'.

Influenced by Serge Gainsbourg, The Velvet Underground, Gang of Four, Joy Division, and Johnny Cash, John and Jehn's music is a collection of sonic experiments, carried by dark humour on razor-sharp pop melodies.

The subtle dynamics in their songwriting and the balance between chaos and beauty: the understanding of light and shade ensures the band's first LP stands out from the crowd;; the mastery of heartbreaking melodies juxtaposed with drones and white noise, the sense of space in the mix.

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