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NOTION Acoustic

by N/SH

Release Date: 21 April 2023

Format: Digital

Label: N/A


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EVERYTHING Acoustic [4:00]

AMBER Acoustic [4:00]

INSIDE Acoustic [4:00]

TURN Acoustic [4:00]

GLASS Acoustic [4:00]


NOTION ACOUSTIC is the stripped-back and raw version of the full album named the same. N/SH blends classical guitar and vocals only which, can only be described, as ambient, drift away music at it's best.

'Individually Unique with a Pensive, Melodic & Atmospheric vibe'
'His incredibly crafted self-penned songs are rich in narrative and his cool persona reflects in his latest offering'
'One for the serious acoustic-heads'
'The nonchalant yet passion he displays rides on the zephyr sublimely'
'He's one for any singer-songwriter to sit and admire'