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Northern Sky


Release Date: 19 April 2012

Format: CD Album

Label: In At The Eye Records



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Waiting There
When You Come
As Bright As The Sky
Before You Leave
Sorrow Song
Tall Buildings In Large Cities
All You've Found You've Left Behind
Time Lasts Forever
Sonic Assault


Drowned In Sound

Here's a special DiScover column of new bands who fit beneath the arc of "shoegaze"

As stereotypical visions of people and places go, the good folks of Doncaster aren't exactly at the top of the list when thoughts turn to embracing new, experimental music. Indeed, having spent the occasional stag night in DN1 and its dens of iniquity also known as night clubs, the nearest anyone could expect to come to encountering new music would be the "Indie half hour" in Seventh Heaven, where Oasis, The Enemy and Ocean Colour Scene are the so-called alternative. Thank heavens for small mercies then, as 93 Million Miles From The Sun not only manage to dampen stereotypes, but their self-produced, self-titled debut long player could (whisper it) just be one of 2009's most exquisite offerings on the album front. Combining layered, textured guitars over an array of effects and choral vocals, 93 Million Miles From The Sun is one of those records that, while evoking memories of the likes of Slowdive in their heyday or even a more sonically enhanced Maps, stands tall and proud in its own right due to the dazzling range of variation across its thirteen tracks. Another key element of 93 Million Miles From The Sun's extensive make-up is that not only do they express a desire to take their sonic experimentation one step further, but they also never lose sight of the fact that beneath all the reverb and delay lay actual songs that would sound just as affecting stripped down. 93 Million Miles From The Sun are:- Nick Mainline (guitars/effects/vocals), Rob Hogg (bass/effects) and Jack Straker (drums/effects). The album 93 Million Miles From The Sun is available direct from Parallax Sounds.