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No Future, No Past


Release Date: 02 December 2022

Format: Digital



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She Rides In On The Sandstorm [4:44]

Glow Empty In Perfect Annihilation [7:08]

The Impulse Of Becoming [5:32]

This Controlled Demise [2:41]

Time Has Come [5:17]

Vesture Of Dimensions [4:56]

No Future, No Past [6:41]

Extrinsic Mask Procession [6:40]


People in the world being dreamed could sense their origin. Some fell into despair, some joined the stupefied creator in his habits, and others remade him in their parent's image. Most had work to do and couldn't be bothered to pay attention to nonsense. If the world was to end, they needed to redouble their efforts to get the project completed, the war won, the perfect partner found, the dog washed, the trash taken out. The quickening injected each action with a new urgency for a while, and then this urgency turned into despair, violence, hatred and finally apathy.

Choronzon is a node and outlet for protracted rituals of oblique technomancy. This is in-your-face, explicitly damaged, disturbed, maniacal, frightening, psycho-schizo twisted and viciously tortured music, over-expanding itself to a point where it can get barely bearable.