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No Better (Heavy White Vinyl)


Release Date: 28 September 2010

Format: 12inch Vinyl E.P

Label: Hippos In Tanks



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No Better
Feel Hunt
Spread Split Slap
Reality Beat


In the rough and humble south side of Chicago, 22 year-old Elon Katz and his counterpart Orion Martin manufacture an industrial space funk sound that taps Ballard and Dionysus on the shoulder to remind them their time hasn't run dry in 2010. The music struts a particular brand of artifice with a panache swagger that always finds new potential in its birth city's past revelations- think the Wax Trax lexicon with touches of classic Chicago House. Katz serenades the tracks of No Better with 16-bit crushed vocals and the listener is accosted into a paranoid tale of contemporary reality: the mind's capacity in relationship to the abundance of databanks, hunting as hobby, sexuality as commodity and the ever entangling web of online identity. White Car's sophomore EP No Better is hard, humorous and cunning.