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New Kite EP


Release Date: 10 April 2017

Format: Digital

Label: Spamface


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Primrose and Blue [2:37]
New Kite [7:20]
Yellow Mello [7:30]


Baffling small audiences since 2015, Klaut are a semi-improvised Krautrock inspired noise collective based in Warrington, UK. 'New Kite EP' is Klaut's first studio recording and is quite faithful to the band's live sound. As well as the usual instrumentation the three tracks feature delightful percussion, unhinged shouting together with some surprisingly tuneful whistling, and it all culminates in a really irate poem performed by guest vocalist Ian Smith from the Fairfield and Howley Neighbourhood Project. Self-produced by the band and recorded in the post industrial wastelands of surprise 2021 City of Culture contenders Warrington, 'New Kite EP' is sure to be well-received in all the colour supplements.