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Release Date: 05 May 2011

Format: Digital

Label: Inner-X-Musick


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Thought Pollution Evolution 3:56
Through the Fire 2:24
Standing 3:53
The Vandal's Exquisite Corpse 3:53
The Lifeless Trio Kept Playing 1:23
Wailing in Glass 3:44
Waltz 1:18
Pleasure in Nightmare 3:21
Giving Ascent 3:48
Dancing Revelation 2:03
let Loose Into That Good Mourning 3:57
The Reflection 4:45
Deny Fascination 4:49
The Only One Left 6:08
Die As One 3:31
Entertainments Subsume Concern 4:37
Head Up Get Out 4:46
The Dead Channel 3:24


As with any Veil Of Thorns release, there is an overriding theme to the release, a meditation on the similarities and interconnectedness of art and cultural groups and cults, magickal groups, religions, philosophical paradigm shifts and the growth they spur as well as the devastation they leave in their wake, both psychick and materially manifest." Necrofuturist continues the theme of Salon Apocalypse. TAZ in a warzone, flowers on a landmine, love & war. Time out of joint. it's therefore appropriate that this came together first."