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National Psyche


Release Date: 30 October 2006

Format: CD Single

Label: Alex Harper Productions




1.National Psyche
2.As Life Goes On (4am mix)
3.Mission Man (live)


Gecko are a four piece rock'n'roll band who pour their soul into a clinical, anthemic and urgent cocktail of empowering music for the people.
In biog-speak, the band pitch their sound between the classy, authentic rock of The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, the solid groove of The Chilli 's and Hendrix and the adrenaline fuelled intense energy of The Clash, The Foo Fighters and Oasis at their most potent.
Their sound has been honed from years of gigging, which sees them effortlessly at ease on the live stage. This is where Gecko excel;; any of the 400 people who packed out their June 2006 headline show at Manchester Academy 3 will tell you as much.
A music scene where style has increasingly taken precedence over substance has grown increasingly stale, hollow and inane. Gecko are a proper band for whom class will always come before clique.
With National Psyche, Gecko launch a scathing attack on the unrelenting apathy that increasingly grips the nation as a whole, urging the listener to "Change now, somehow". This is set against a careering backdrop of incessant guitar riffs in a wall of sheer musical energy and power. The result is a mighty runaway freight-train of a song which doesn't so much catch the attention, but demands it.